Arena of Valor

The Arena of Valor is the place where the Guardian proving their power in a one-on-one Battle as well as team battle!

Summoners can compete with each other or Bet for their favorite team here!

PVP Combat Rules


  1. 5 Stars > 4 Stars > 3 stars> 2 stars> 1 Star

  2. Element attribute will be considered when those 2 Guardians have the same star grade.


Fire > Leaf

Fire > Wind

Fire < Earth

Fire < Water

Combat Modes

Each player prepares a 5-card deck then chooses to participate in the battle rooms:

- There are many types of battle rooms to choose from just for 1 star, 2 stars,... 5 stars cards or random

- Players pay the participation fee in tokens

- After arranging the deck, you can choose auto-matching mode to automatically find opponents or create an invitation link to invite friends to fight.

- Winner will receive 90% of the total participation fee, 10% as tax for the organizer

There are 3 combat modes:

1 vs 1: Auto-Matching mode and Custom Room are all available! You can join an auto-matching room with pre-setup conditions, It will auto matches you with other random players. Or you can create your own with a custom Star level and matching Fee, then send an invitation link to your friend!

Tournament: Joint the mega Tournament and rush for the biggest prize. Everyone will join a round-robin match in which every player competes against each of the others in turn. Top 4 players will share the Prize (4-3-2-1)

Revenge mode: You lose? Then Revenge! You can re-create the room and send a revenge invitation to your rival by clicking the REPLAY button on the My Room tab!

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