Arena of Valor

The Arena of Valor is the place where the Guardian proving their power in a one-on-one Battle as well as team battle!
Summoners can compete with each other or Bet for their favorite team here!

PVP Combat Rules

  1. 1.
    5 Stars > 4 Stars > 3 stars> 2 stars> 1 Star
  2. 2.
    Element attribute will be considered when those 2 Guardians have the same star grade.
Fire > Leaf
Fire > Wind
Fire < Earth
Fire < Water
Combat Modes
Each player prepares a 5-card deck then chooses to participate in the battle rooms:
- There are many types of battle rooms to choose from just for 1 star, 2 stars,... 5 stars cards or random
- Players pay the participation fee in tokens
- After arranging the deck, you can choose auto-matching mode to automatically find opponents or create an invitation link to invite friends to fight.
- Winner will receive 90% of the total participation fee, 10% as tax for the organizer
There are 3 combat modes:
1 vs 1: Auto-Matching mode and Custom Room are all available! You can join an auto-matching room with pre-setup conditions, It will auto matches you with other random players. Or you can create your own with a custom Star level and matching Fee, then send an invitation link to your friend!
1 vs 1 : Automatching and Custom Rooms
Tournament: Joint the mega Tournament and rush for the biggest prize. Everyone will join a round-robin match in which every player competes against each of the others in turn. Top 4 players will share the Prize (4-3-2-1)
Revenge mode: You lose? Then Revenge! You can re-create the room and send a revenge invitation to your rival by clicking the REPLAY button on the My Room tab!
Your opponent can accept the invitation by clicking the notification button
on the top right corner!
Notification button