The Nowl Age is an NFT gaming ecosystem aiming to build a vast Fantasy Universe living on the Binance Smart Chain where millions of players worldwide participate in the blockchain-based NFT game in a simple, fast, and fun way.The Nowl Age creates a complete blockchain gaming ecosystem that connects game players, developers, communities, and distributors.

Game Story

In 2225, Earth changed. The Mystery Abyssal Rifts are open, and Demons from other dimensions invade the world! With all the changes, humans found a way to summon the ancient Guardians to fight the demons by using magic books they found from ancient ruins. Your mission is to summon the Guardians to defeat the Demons and save the world!

The Nowl Age takes advantage of blockchain technology's perks to create a universe where Guardians are the main characters. Players' mission is to Summon and training with the Guardians through Guardians camp and auto-battle style system.

The Nowl Age Game has two types of combat: PVE (Player vs Environment) and PVP (Player vs Player), where you can farm items and NAC Tokens that will allow you to advance in the game and develop The Nowl Age's economy.

$NAC is the primary utility token of The Nowl Age ecosystem. It simplifies the payment process and supports the growth of The Nowl Age ecosystem.

Play to Earn

The Nowl Age utilizes a Play-to-Earn model by distributing $NAC through gameplay and giving value to player NFTs by increasing their use through future features.

NFTs may be freely traded on the marketplace for $NAC tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges or converted to fiat currency.

Currently, the following options are available for the player to earn:

  • Participating in combat through the use of Guardian NFTs for $NAC.

  • Minting Guardians and selling them for $NAC on the marketplace.

  • Trading NFTs with other players for BEP-20 tokens.

  • Exchanging $NAC on a DEX for a currency that can be traded on an exchange such as Binance.

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