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$NAC token serves as the native currency for The Nowl Age. Players leverage $NAC to acquire Guardians and to buy and sell on the NFT marketplace.
There is a maximum supply of 100,000,000 $NAC tokens.
✅ Name : Nowlage Coin
✅ Symbol : NAC
✅ Decimals : 18
🔥 Total Supply : 100,000,000 NAC
🔥 NAC contract address : 0xe198e8Fe1aaB441E54d9572E2402D7B132ccB15a
The supply of $NAC is designated as follows:
The development fund was locked for 6 months and vesting at a rate of 25% per month after unlocked.

Game Health

The most important part of The Nowl Age is the game contract and maintaining enough $NAC to always be able to pay out players when necessary.

$NAC Sinks and Faucets

The current faucets in the game are as follows:
  • Abyssal Rift
  • Guardians Camp
The current sinks in the game are as follows:
  • Purchase Magic Books
  • Arena of Valor Tax
  • Marketplace Tax
Future gameplay features will determine the balance of faucets and sinks which will be carefully managed by the developers. In-game events can act as "tokenomic levers" to drive the flow of tokens in and out of the contract.

Impact of Multi-Accounting

Many questions come up around the subject of multi-accounting and sustainability. This is not an issue because the economics of the game cannot distinguish between a single player who has 10 accounts, compared to 10 players each with a single account.
Compared to a free-to-play model, $NAC needs to be spent in order to earn $NAC. Earnings are proportional to investment and having multiple accounts does not give any unfair advantage. Bots are prohibited, so a single user must still manage all of their accounts.
Players are free to reinvest into the game to increase their earning potential as stated by the developers.