Gas Fees

The Nowl Age operates purely on-chain, and due to this there is a necessity for gas fees to be constantly paid by the players using BNB.

Gas fees are necessary to conduct operations on the Binance Smart Chain to ensure that all entropy-based gameplay scenarios such as minting NFTs or combat will always be provably fair.

Players are always required to hold an amount of BNB in your MetaMask wallet to ensure the capability of conducting transactions and interacting with The Nowl Age smart contracts.

The gas fees usually cost around 0.0007 to 0.0010 BNB, depending on the transaction. However, certain transactions such as claiming experience can be higher depending on the numerical data involved.

Combat gas fees are listed at 0.0025. However, that is just the maximum amount that the player may pay. The true gas costs of fights are around 0.0007 BNB which can be seen in your MetaMask transactions.

Gas costs for transactions are subject to volatility depending on network traffic on the Binance Smart Chain.

It is recommended that new players hold a decent amount of BNB to be used for gas fees.

The current recommended amount of BNB is 0.1, give or take a few $NAC depending on the player's need.

This amount will sustain a player for a week's worth of fights, currently costing around 0.15 BNB give or take a few BNB to account for network traffic.

The remaining BNB will be used for the various transactions a player might perform.

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